• You're currently feeling frustrated and exhausted because your business growth is stagnant.

• You feel confused by all the different sales tactics out there and don't even know where to start.

You worry about feeling pushy and salesy because you assume people will give you push back.

You stress about connecting with prospects because you lack confidence in yourself and/or presenting your product or service. 

You feel like something has got to give for your business to explode.

for female entrepreneurs

Mindful Selling

You're a go-getter female entrepreneur BUT... 

Does that sound familiar?

Our coaching topics of discussion revolve around, building trust and relationships, the traditional sales processes, how to sell mindfully, how to tell your story, how to be a good sales woman, the importance of positivity, mindset and behaviours, and last but not least, goal setting and personal development.

The Art of Mindful Selling

That's why I created

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The Art of Mindful Selling is a 6-week intensive course that includes:

Six weekly 1:1 coaching sessions

Weekly Homework with Action Items

Weekly Check-ins for Support

Six Weeks of Mentoring & Support from Kelly

You deserve to say goodbye to worry, fear, and stress when it comes to making sales. I know you can do it and I want to chat with you for free to prove it!

You'll sign the agreement and schedule your first call.

We'll meet on a discovery call to discuss your struggles.



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You'll finally master the sales process once and for all.

Mindful Selling


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You'll learn how to build trust and sell your products or services without feeling pushy

Mindful Selling


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You'll gain confidence to talk about (and sell) your signature service. 

Mindful Selling


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A boost in clarity, sales, and most of all revenue!

Mindful Selling


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Not Quite Sure Yet?

This is for lady bosses who are ready to say YES to:

Increasing your business revenue

Implementing a proven sales strategy

Increasing your confidence when prospecting and connecting

Growing your impact and business

Hear what others are saying!

"This program was exactly what I needed at this point in my life! I never thought of myself as an entrepreneur but 8 months ago I found a great opportunity and I didn't know where to start. Kelly's approach and openness made me feel very comfortable about sharing my goals and fears, and now I feel more confident in my business journey." - Ana P.

"I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in sales, especially social marketing. Kelly did a fabulous job of sharing information and knowledge on mindful selling. Kelly and I worked through identifying areas which I need to concentrate on in order to reach my goals. This course provided great insight on the art of sales, organizing your business from tracking prospects to sales and goal setting. Kelly has a great passion and talent for motivating others!" - Kerry W.

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